Planning Checklist

Planning Checklist

Why choose EPDM?

  • 100% Accessible
  • Customize your play area with patterns, designs, and/or logos
  • Post-consumer recycled materials
  • Fun, brightly colored, bouncy, and safe surfacing that all users enjoy 

Selecting Colors

  • 50% black mixed with 50% color is less expensive; it hides dirt and fading.
  • Pinks and Reds should only be used indoors due to color fading. 
  • Solid colors and 100% color mixtures are available. 

Site Prep

  • Measure the site to confirm estimated square footage.
  • Slope of the grade should be 2%.
  • Address any drainage issues. 
  • ½” EPDM Cap can be installed on concrete or asphalt.


  • Temperature needs to be above 45° F.
  • Surfacing cannot be installed when there is rain, dew, or standing water.
  • Plan for all users to stay away from the area.
  • Designate an area for staging and material storage.
  • Once installed, no one should walk on the surfacing for 48-72 hours.
  • There will be a slight ambering affect from the binder which will fade in a couple of months. 


  • Check regularly for wear and drainage concerns. 
  • Reseal with Roll Coat every 6 – 12 months based on traffic.
  • Life expectancy is 8-12 years depending on use. 
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