Bonded Rubber Surfacing for Landscapes

Our material is an ideal choice for use in landscaping.  As opposed to using pure soil or wood chips, we utilize our bonded rubber.  This is not only an environmentally conscious decision but provides more benefits than soil alone would.  The 1 inch layer of rubber balls absorbs less water than wooden alternatives.  This provides more liquid to your soil which is where you plants and grass will be getting their water from.  This rubber component also eliminates the growth of weeds and fungus throughout your landscape.  This protects your plants and garden in general.  Regardless of what type of landscape you want, our rubber material is the smartest choice for you.

Types of Landscape Surfacing

bonded rubber safety surfacing

Bonded Rubber

One of the most durable and affordable surface options available for outdoor spaces.

artificial turf safety surfacing

Artificial Turf

Synthetic yet life-like alternative to grass.


Yearly maintenance on your surfacing is important short and long term.  Our material is guaranteed to last, but the warranty extends along with the life of the surface when you take advantage of yearly maintenance.  There are three different options for your surfacing.


Painting your surface adds two properties to your surfaces.  Firstly, this high UV rated coat helps to protect from the wear and tear of sun exposure.  Secondly, this paint adds vibrant colors to your surfaces.  This paint brings life with every maintenance service.  You have the option to paint everything one color, or you can add features like a hopscotch area.  The opportunities for what is painted on you surface are endless.

Roll Coat

This diluted biding agent absorbs into your surface.  It has the same benefits as paint in its ability to renew and revitalize your surfaces color and texture.  It is ideal to do this at least once every year to maintain your material.  Your investment in these services will extend the life and rejuvenate the appearance of your custom surfacing.


Leaving your surfacing untreated effects not only its appearance but its texture.  Without these yearly coats your colors will become dull and fade away.  It will also leave the surface vulnerable to transfer onto hands and shoes as you come in contact with it.  Maintaining your surface will prove to keep the life and exterior of your surface like new.